Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Pretty Kemp That Seemed Pretty Important

I recently made a purchase on eBay just because I was feeling like spending some money. It wasn't until I got the card in hand that I realized that my purchase carried a little bit more weight than any other Matt Kemp card.

This hails from 2013 Bowman Chrome and is #'d 5/35. What I didn't realize until after I got it was how close I was to putting together an incidental rainbow. 

I also have these three parallels (all #'d) in addition to the Yellow printing plate I got in a trade with Dodger Penguin a while back.

Well, I thought I was close to a rainbow anyways. I double checked the checklist and found that I will still need the x-fractor, green, gold #'d/50, black #'d /15, yellow #'d /10, and red #'d /5. So six cards are still on the chopping block and a few of them will be pretty difficult to find, not to mention pricey. I won't be losing any sleep if I don't get any closer to the rainbow. 

Luckily for me, the seller of the pink refractor decided to toss in an extra Kemp that I didn't already have. With the addition of both cards, my Matt Kemp PC now stands at 158 unique cards. 

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