Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back in Black

I took a small break in my pursuit of cards for my Topps Chrome Rainbow. For those unfamiliar with my pursuit, I am attempting to complete the rainbow for every Dodger in 2013 Topps Chrome. It was sort of my big project upon my entrance to collecting, though I know completing it will be next to impossible. However, that is only due to my card budget. I may win the lottery next week and finish the entire thing off. But I guess I'd have to buy lottery tickets for that to happen.

I decided to hit up eBay in search of some more of the black parallels #'d /100 that I needed. I was able to pick up the Paco card (#'d 11/100) for just a few bucks shipped. Now if only the Dodgers would DFA Paul Maholm and Chris Perez, then bring up Paco and Yimi Garcia.Doing so would vastly improve the bullpen for the Dodgers. Frankly, anybody could probably put up better numbers than either Maholm or Perez. 

I also picked this up for less than two bucks shipped. The card, featuring the recently re-instated from DL Carl Crawford, is #'d 52/100.Crawford may be on the outside looking in in the Dodgers crowded outfield. Matt Kemp has been hitting the ball well over the past month, and shouldn't be benched. Puig will be a starter as long as he is healthy. And Ethier and Van Slyke form a nice platoon in center. The Dodgers (and Crawford) would probably benefit by trading him, but there aren't many teams that could truly use him. The outfield situation will have to be monitored over the next few days and weeks, but hopefully egos don't get in the way of productive play. 

With the addition of both cards, my Topps Chrome Rainbow sit at 54/120 cards (45% complete). I am now up to 6 out of 10 black parallels, but still have the tougher ones (Kershaw, Puig) to acquire. A COMC purchase I made last week is in route, so that will take care of a few more parallels. I guess slow and steady wins the race. 

Of course, I couldn't use that title without linking to one of the better AC/DC songs. 

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