Thursday, July 3, 2014

Contest Winnings from Too Many Verlanders Pt. 2: A-Rod and a Double Header Appearance

I am pretty confident that is the longest title my blog has ever seen. Who knows, I may top it tomorrow. 

Like many other bloggers, I was one of the winners in a contest held by Dennis of Too Many Verlanders a couple weeks back. Because of the sheer volume of the package Dennis sent over, I am splitting up the posts over the next few days. You can check out Part 1 here

Dennis decided to run a contest in which you claimed free cards in order to win. There were numerous lots to choose from, but one of my first choices was a lot of A-Rod cards.

The scan came out pretty crappy, but you are looking at a fantastic chrome card featuring A-Rod, Nomar, and Jeter. As you will see as this post goes on, I am a big sucker for Chrome cards. Dennis sent along quite a few A-Rod cards, but this is certainly my favorite.

See.....I told you I like chrome. Though I don't like how the cards generally scan. 

Dennis even tossed in this super sized A-Rod, which is displayed next to a standard sized card. 

Finally, Dennis threw in this sweet set of Double Header cards from 1998 Skybox. I am fairly certain it is some kind of subset, and Dennis sent over all 20 cards. I didn't really feel like scanning them all, so I picked some of my favorites to show you here. Might be tough to see, but the throwback that Nomar is rocking on the bottom right is pretty slick. 

Once again, thanks to Dennis. There is at least one more post recognizing this great prize package. 

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