Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cool Kids

If you went to my high school, most of my peers would have probably told you I wasn't one of the "cool kids". I'm not saying I wasn't cool, I mean I think I'm a pretty dapper dude, but I probably didn't live up to the hefty standards that are required to be cool nowadays.

I mean, I wasn't the most outgoing guy in class. I didn't go to the house parties. I didn't drink. I didn't smoke. I had a GPA in the high 3's. I simply went about my business without drawing any extra attention to myself. 

I guess that is what cool is these days. If you can draw attention to yourself, positive or negative, you're considered one of the cool kids. That simply wasn't (still isn't) me. In fact, many of my buddies like to joke with me by calling me an old man. It's just playful banter, but I know I am not the most exciting or cool person to be around. 

But when it comes to cards, apparently I have an alter ego. 

I yearn for the cards of the players who are seemingly always in the headlines. Bryce Harper, David Ortiz, and Yasiel Puig are a few of those guys that I collect.

I relish the latest and greatest parallels. Whether they're shiny, sparkly (no, not these ones), or colorful cards, they grab my attention and keep it like a secret.

Needless to say, I am thrilled when I can combine those two elements and grab myself a "cool kid" card.

I did just that a couple weeks back when Judson of My Cardboard Habit was looking to pawn of some cards on eBay to go and get a higher priced one. You wanna talk about an attention grabbing card? How about that mohawk Harper is rocking.

I bid on both this cards you see above, and was able to take them home for just a few bucks. The emerald parallel is pretty attention grabbing if you ask me. 

Judson himself is a a pretty cool kid. He tossed in another emerald Harper card to add to the binder.

But the package got even better. Judson managed to include this awesome card below, #'d 74/99, in the bubble mailer as well.

I may just be another guy, living in the background of one of the cool kids, but I am perfectly content with myself. Many people strive to be like the cool kids, but not me. Like camouflage, I am not attention seeking, but you'll notice the cool kid inside of me if you look close enough. 

Thanks again Judson. I'll definitely give the cards a good home.

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