Friday, July 25, 2014

Rhythm and Wax + Some Other Blog Notes

I wanted to drop by and give a couple of updates on the state of the blog, so here they are. 

1. Check out Dikran's new blog, Rhythm and Wax

With so many bloggers seemingly taking a leave of absence from the blogging scene, it is good to see a new face out there. Of course, this new face happens to be my best friend and card collecting partner, Dikran. 

He plans on showcasing his cards and music, and somehow combining the two from time to time. He put out a welcome post the other day, but he will be posting more and more as he becomes acclimated with the whole blogger get-up. 

Be sure to give him a follow!


2. I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of contest winners. Email me!

Namely Skroeker and Ruben. Ruben was the last place winner, so I mainly just need an address from him, but I have no idea who Skroeker is. I cannot find anything on Twitter and Disqus is acting up on my end. So this is sort of a last call for Skroeker. 

If I don't hear from him/her by tomorrow evening, I will go ahead and move forward with a new winner in their place. 


Not really important, but here is another fantastic card from the Archer base set I forgot to mention on the blog the other day. This is one of my favorite scenes/episodes from the show. It depicts Cheryl (voiced by Judy Greer) hallucinating after drinking some Krieger Klense to help eliminate drugs from her system. Seriously, go watch this show!

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