Monday, July 21, 2014

Topps BUNT

A few weeks ago I came across a this great post by Mark of Mark's Ephemera. Because I am just soooo creative, I reused the same simple title as his post. 

Simple or not, it does a good job indicating what this post is about: Topps BUNT.

For those with iPhones or Android smartphones, you can download this app for free and create your own digital collection of cards.

To be honest, the idea is kind of cheesy. I mean who wants to have a digital collection if we could just have the real things in person? 

Well, apparently I liked the cheesy idea, because I am pretty hooked on it now. It gives me something to do when it is slow at work, when I am standing in line at Six Flags, or if I am simply laying in bed but not ready to go to sleep. Cards, even the digital ones, seems to have a grasp on my soul. 

The app is primarily filled with base cards, but it does offer some parallels. You may notice the four squares on the far left of the card; this happens to be the silver parallel which happens to have three of the four squares filled. Like in real life, pulling cards like this have tougher odds.

Of course, you may get lucky and pull a gold parallel every once in a while. I was lucky enough to pick up this sweet gold parallel of Dodgers All-Star, Dee Gordon. I have since traded it for the Kemp Gold parallel, which means I have the Kemp rainbow in the app!

This card also reminded me that there are no horizontal shots in the set. It also reminded me that there are ton of those damn up close shots, even in the app. 

But enough of those, the real prizes in the game are the inserts. 

This is the Men of Action insert of Dodgers ace, Clayton Kershaw. Although it is technically an insert, these Men of Action cards are widespread. They seem to pop up every other pack for new users, and the initial packs they come in are very cheap. I found this out after I traded pretty heavily for it, but I don't think it is a big deal. This subset only has three players: Kershaw, Strasburg, and Hernandez and I now have all three cards. 

Remember how I mentioned there were no horizontal cards in the app? Well, you end up with cards like this because of it. Frankly, I don't really want to talk about Joe Kelly right now, but this card is hideous and should be burned. Too bad it is digital.....wait, maybe that's a good thing. 

I found out a ton of useful information about this app after doing some research for this post. I was even able to pick up this sweet piece of #ManBearPuig along the way. Although the app may be kind pointless, it can be fun and addicting at times. I have not spent a dime on any cards, yet, and it isn't really necessary to play the app. You are given free coins everyday, and you can complete team sets for more coin rewards.

If you do decide to download it, be sure to add me as a friend. My username is Chavez_Ravining. Apparently somebody already took my blog's name, which is why I had to throw that underscore in there.

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